Dr. Edith Johnston PhD

Dr. Edith Johnston PhD

Edith Johnston PhD LPC has 35 years of experience guiding individuals in developing their potential and a life time of experience as a multi-talented. She is educated with four degrees and many lessons through the school of hard knocks. She provides resources and opportunities for personal development of multi-talented individuals through her blog, website, presentations, workshops, and books. She has the ability to identify the current dilemma and present options for personal growth. She uses a wide variety of techniques to connect with varied learning styles. She has worked in various venues from private companies, government, non-profits, and private practice. She has worked with a diverse clientele having the full spectrum of abilities and challenges. She is diligent in her mission to provide opportunities for individuals to acquire tools for their internal and external journeys of life.

Thankful with Acey & Tyro

  We are thankful for family and friends.  Thankful for things we have, food, water, shelter.  We are thankful for our abilities and to be able to let go.  Cultivating gratitude is foundational for character, justice/equality for all, peace and…

Expectations with Acey & Tyro

We have expectations of ourselves and others have expectations of us.  Many times because we are smart we are expected to be able to do anything and everything by ourselves.  These expectations are not accurate or real.  We also have…