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For me being multi-talented with high ability is:
Feeling humiliated, hurt, disappointed, and yet fighting mad because what you are doing is right.  Having mixed internal dynamics as a teen, and even now as an adult, wanting to be all grown up with a purpose and broad understanding and yet feeling emotionally confused and not knowing why.  A racing mind with ideas and questions galore out to discover the world and the critters under every rock.  Wanting to try a vast variety of things and knowing you have to be responsible and make a choice.  Strutting your stuff one moment and dumbing down the next, just to fit in.  You want, so bad, to have an intense conversation about the mitochondria’s function in the cellular energy process or the meaning of the mysteries of life for the fun of it.  Experiencing ecstasy one moment and depression the next because that is the cycle of emotions.

I have taken these experiences and developed my understanding of being gifted.  I have learned techniques and tools to explore the inner workings of being gifted to create the venue to express high abilities with passion and purpose.  And each day is something new………

My passion is to assist those of high abilities and potential to:

  • To understand their own idiosyncrasies and that what is wrong with them is actually what  is very right.
  • To overcome mediocrity, hurt, fear, intense emotions, and perfection to be comfortable and enjoy being themselves.
  • To develop their high abilities, talents, gifts through stimulation, resources, practice and application.
  • To express their unique qualities for the personal experience of the magic, the mystery, the flow, of being gifted.
  • To contribute their gifts to improving the world and providing joy.
  • To connect with others like them and their community with meaning and mutual respect.
  • To know the patterns they sense and know are what makes them and the world.
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Beyond High School

My Aha! Moment



PhD & M.Ed Rehabilitation Counseling

MBA, BA Sociology

Certified Practitioner, Jin Shin Jyutsu

Certified Practitioner & Instructor, High Touch Jin Shin


Licensed Professional Counselor

Certified Rehabilitation Counselor

Professional Affiliation:

AAUW , Mensa, NCC


Gifted Adult

Mother of two gifted sons

Oldest of 7 siblings

Army Dependent – changed schools, locations every 18 months growing up

Avid reader

Hobbies: walking, yoga, crocheting, camping, bowling, travel, exploring natural beauty, music, theater, dance.

Volunteer activities over the years:  Youth bowling coach & coordinator, Boy Scouts, Odyssey of the Mind, Invent America, Science Fairs, Little League Sports


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