Life has continued to be interesting. The dynamics of the pandemic changed how I have been working. Yes, I am fortunate with continued work. I went from in-person counseling to telehealth. I went from a steady clientele part time to increased demand with opportunity for full time plus. I chose to stay at part time. With telehealth I have had the opportunity to talk with a very diverse clientele. Being semi-retired has been great step, the initial way I transitioned from full time work. Now I am looking at taking another step to an active retirement. At the end of the year I will discontinue my telehealth counseling appointments. I have already started (actually restarted) community wellness classes. I will be volunteering my time giving one hour educational opportunities from Drawing Mandalas, the Experience of Loss, Motion and Health, Language of Emotions, Laughter as Medicine and several others.

I will also be offering at various locations including online three hour classes to delve into, explore further the spectrum of wellness topics. There will be a cost to participate in these classes. I am excited and looking forward to this transition. Know that life transitions is one of the topics that will be explored relative to the loss of part of self, expansion of self and the adventure in life. To see what is happening and when check out the Events page. Here’s to next steps in life.