Ask Me: Do I have to focus on only one thing?



“Mediocrity, limiting one’s multi-talents, is an option.  However being you offers greater moments of joy.”

Edith Johnston PhD LPC


The habit of blending in – being average – leads to mediocrity.  It means we are engaging and making it by current standards.  However, many times there is this little gnawing in our gut that there is more to life.

More to life does not meant more things, greater prestige, or being top dog.  More to life is about experiencing life fully and greater moments of joy.  It is doing your best with passion, caring and respect.  It is engaging with life with every part of your being.

Full engagement means there will be moments of sadness and joy.  There will be moments of success and of failure.  There will be moments of completions and moving on.

In the process of engaging we make choices.  We can choose a talent to express, a job to do, or a hobby to pursue.  Choosing just one is not the point.  It is choosing how we engage in the full experience.

Sometimes we want to commit to a singular choice and delve into it for the duration – that can be a journey to mastery or a life commitment.   Sometimes we choose to engage with the aspect that brings us joy, stimulation, pleasure and uses our talents the best.  Then we can pass it on to someone else or let it be.  We are not quitting or giving up; we are choosing what works for us.

Putting forth our best means we know what and how to use are abilities for the best results or outcomes.  If sticking to something is more an aggravation or a downer, then figure out what you did well and enjoyed. Next figure out if it needs to be further pursued or carried on and if so by whom.

A process involves many parts.  We may not be the best and enjoy the full process.  We can decide what we do best and encourage/develop others that can do the other parts best.  We can decide the experience to this point met the need; we tried something, we learned something, it was for the time; and then we can move on.  That is okay.

Being our complete self and experiencing life fully takes us beyond mediocrity.  And a complete self includes good and bad, success and failure.  Being our full self is about choice; choice to explore a variety or delve deep into the singular.  It is about living life fully with a breadth of experiences and expressions.

What is your experience?  Share in the comments.  Let’s connect.