Ask Me: Why can’t I fit in or make friends?



“Being different, not fitting in is part of our life adventure.  The next step is ours to choose.”

Edith D Johnston PhD LPC

Feeling like I am different, weird, out of sync with the world, too much or unique:  is a day in day out experience.  For myself, I am an ambivert.  I can speak in front of groups easily.  Yet, I want my time alone and do not enjoy crowds.

Others that feel they do not fit in may see themselves as extrovert or introvert.  Many of us are highly sensitive to our environment, physically and emotionally.

The main factor is we are all human and human connections matter.  WE want to be part of, included in, various groups.  We need one to one connections that have depth.

We can create confidence in who we are as an individual.  We can risk taking a step to connect with another human being – different – but maybe with a like mind or a common interest.

We can embrace our idiosynchronicity.  Understand who we are.  Determine how we want to express ourselves resulting in desired outcomes.

With knowledge of ourselves we can choose our next step.  We can choose to effectively communicate.  We can respect ourselves and others.  We can risk and make the effort to connect.  We can create connections, collaborations, and bonds of trust and respect.  We can live life fully with valued relationships.

What has been your experience?  Share in the comments.  Let’s connect.