Mine is not a personnel experience but as a professional.

What has happened usually is someone is experiencing chronic pain, extreme fatigue or significant depression and is referred.  The medical providers refer because of lack of progress in returning to expected functioning level relative to physical evaluation and diagnosis.

The process then begins by discovering the pre and post persona of the individual who has experienced a critical incident – an accident or disease process.

Many times the individual was unaware of how his / her entire characteristics contributed to the current and prior diverse experiences.

As I gain understanding of the individual, the beginning of healing is broadening self-understanding.  We explore what contributed to their self-identity; how their various characteristics interplay; and the losses in function – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

We look at the list of characteristic of those with high intellect to further understanding of intensity, sensitivity, and overwhelm prior to the critical incident.  Then we look at current dynamics and “symptoms”.  We discuss the loss of self-identity and loss of function relative to the grieving process.  We explore relevancy to the current experiences.  We determine what coping strategies previously developed and how to re-engage them or modify for implementation now.

We figure out the “how to” to re-engage in life fully.  Strategies of managing emotions, brain fatigue, energy, sleep disturbances, and so much more are explored, examined and developed.  The process is to look at what is going well and what is not going well.  Then we explore modifications and adaptations to routines, activities, talents, and desires.

Awareness, knowledge and resources lead to solutions and empowerment.

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Part III: Tools & Psycho-Education Model for Mitigating the Impact of TBI

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