Overcoming the Sadness of Not Fitting In

When we realize we do not fit in – whether it is at home, with peers, or at work/school, it creates a response within us.  Many times that response is one of sadness.  We can feel like we are all alone in the crowd.

Understanding what it is about us that creates the difference of us not fitting in, is a starting point.  Having an understanding of our characteristics, values, beliefs, passions and experiences, lets us know who we are.  When we know who we are, we can embrace our uniqueness.

We also have choice in our expression and interactions with others.  Expression of who we are is an important component of thriving, living life fully.  In general, human beings are social beings.  We need and enjoy interacting with others.  Being a loner can be a choice.  Connecting with others is a possibility, no matter our differences.  We can embrace everyone’s differences and integrate within our communications.  We can connect with those that have similarities, such as; like minds, interests, passions, or experiences.

The sadness is part of our experience of life.  Emotions can be very intense.  To live life fully we will experience the full spectrum of emotions.  The skill to develop is not to become stuck in an am emotion.  The pendulum continues to swing.  Knowing the center – a place of calm, peace, contentment, satisfaction or acceptance – is what we aim for.  Also, developing the ability to return to center at will allow us to experience joy and sadness and return to center.

We need to understand and acknowledge our value as unique and different.  We need to understand our commonalities as a human being.  Take our abilities and form various connections with others in commonality or uniqueness.

How do you handle the sadness of not fitting in?  Share in the comments below.  Let’s connect.