Connecting Eloquently with Personal Development

We have high abilities; quickly grasp ideas and concepts in specific areas or in multiple areas.  Much seems to come very easy to us.  We automatically want to achieve perfections.  We want to do it all and do it today.

Developing our talents, abilities, our persona is a process even with the ease of knowing.  To connect eloquently with the process of personal development we need to recognize and acknowledge the process.  The process involves learning and the journey of mastery.  We will experience challenges, failures, disappointments, repetition, plateaus, and peaks of excellence.

In the process we will connect with the full spectrum of emotions, intensities, sensitivities and overexcitabilities.  The eloquent connection will come with awareness, understanding, and engaging our personal development process.

The process is creative, flexible, as well as defined.  We can immerse ourselves in the flow, spontaneity, and a structured demanding routine.  We embrace our personal development with learning to learn; moving forward with the ups, downs, plateaus of mastery; being intensely immersed; and finding quiet still moments.  We connect eloquently with motion and stillness; chaos and order; being on the edge and centered; pushing to the limits and pausing.  Our personal development takes many paths with many more as possibilities.  We develop by connecting with our unique process inwardly and outwardly.  Our greatest achievement is being true to our authentic self in our expression.

How have you connected eloquently with your personal development?

Share in the comment below.  Let’s connect.