Connecting eloquently with others – an art of establishing successful communication uniting with others in appropriate intentional expression

We have a need to connect with like minds. When we communicate with like minds, where the potential of being understood and able to relate is strong, we can still benefit from eloquence.  Developing relationships involves listening and expressing.  There is a delight of being able to relate the rapid thoughts and ideas that jump and bringing together a vast number of divergent concepts.  The opportunity to delve deep into a single topic or skim across a vast variety of topics is stimulating.  Connecting with like minds can be fuel for the soul and creativity.

Additionally connecting eloquently with all those we come in contact daily reaps rewards of positive engagement.  This can be a learning curve for us.  We develop the means to listen respectfully and intently with others as they express themselves.  To complete the communication we express ourselves clearly in a manner that can be understood by all.  We stop, listen, think, and express clearly our contribution to the conversation.  Thinking comes naturally and most often rapidly to us.  To have an exchange – actual communication – may require our thought processes to be adapted to a different means of expression to facilitate understanding.  Whereas we may go from point A to point E quickly and naturally, we need to provide the process of A, B, C, C, and then E for us to effectively communicate with others.  Yes, to connect eloquently with others strategies and tools of communication need to be developed and utilized.

Connecting eloquently with others allows us to be effective in connecting the dots in the immediate environment and the big picture.  Connecting the dots of the big picture is part of how we see and experience the world around us.  When we provide a powerful and appropriate expression through binding the concepts we can unite through effective relationships of ideas and with others.

How do you connect eloquently with others?

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