Connect Eloquently with Self Understanding

Our experience can lead us to assume that others have the same way of interacting in the world as we  do.  However, each of us is a unique individual.  Differences exist in:  brain wiring, genetics, characteristics, predispositions physically and personality, beliefs, values, culture, environment, perceptions, point in time, and…  Thus our first step in connecting eloquently is with understanding our Self.

As smart intelligent persons we need to understand the spectrum of our characteristics that are connected with the way our brain is wired.  These characteristics include: a racing mind, having and understanding ideas, vast memory storage capacity and retrieval ability, curiosity and imagination abounds, high energy, intense emotions, hypersensitivity, keen observations, high standards, driven, ease of problem solving, and/or contemplation and search for the meaning of life.  That wiring many times creates the feeling of being out of sync with others.  Without understanding our difference, it is difficult to connect with others because of not having a clear fluent harmonious understanding of the dynamic of how are brain is wired.

Starting with the blueprint of our mind’s wiring allows the exploration of the brain’s intricacies and the connections with our whole being and total experience.

We engage each day, all day long.  We make important decisions multiple times per day.  Are we aware of our values and our beliefs?  Do we connect with our values as we make the decisions?  Do we assess our beliefs for accuracy and authenticity? Do we continue to believe in a flat earth because that’s the way it’s always been or that is what others say?

Connecting with our Self involves knowing our values and the priorities of those values at this phase of our life.  Connecting also means we have critically analyzed our beliefs and determined that are accurate for us.  This empowers our core strength and the ability to stand strong and true to our Self.

Another component to understanding is the impact of family, culture, community, environment and our point in time has on what we integrate about our Self.  Each of these is a factor in what we think and how we perceive the world.  Consciously looking at each factor and its impact on us empowers us with choice in how to connect with our Self.

Understanding takes us beyond assuming and being overwhelmed to empowering the integrated connections with our Self.  It is worth the time to explore what makes us different, what is important to us, and what is the impact of the world around us.  This is an initial step in the process of connecting eloquently, starting with our Self.

What are your thoughts?  Share in the comments below.  Let’s connect.