Adjusting to Learning


Our ability to take in and process information rapidly comes easy.  We can integrate, translate, and apply the information.  We know.  However, to gain further knowledge and evolve wisdom we need to adjust through learning how to learn.  This involves doing thing that do NOT come easily.  Yes, staying with things that are hard.  Attempting something new and failing.  Then figuring out how to approach and engage in what is difficult for us.

Adjusting to learning involves recognizing our resistance and to work with it.  The resistance does not want to stop us completely.  Resistance wants to keep us safe.  Failure and not knowing hurt.  Hurting, fear, means we are not safe.  We need to use our analytical skills and identify the various pieces of the puzzle.  Then see how to put them together.

We can learn how to learn and actually enjoy it.  We adjust to learning and expand exponentially our abilities to take in and apply new information.  We embrace our capabilities and multi-talents.

How will you learn to learn?  What has been your experience in doing something that does not come easily?  Share in the comment below.  Let’s connect.