Adjusting for Balance


Chaos exists in life and within our own being.  That being the intensity and excitability of our own make up.  The desire for stimulus and many interests adds to the chaos.  The intention to have things perfect contributes.  The drive to make a difference in the world weighs heavily.  The caring and sensitivity to all and for all is part of the dynamic.

Yet adjusting to who we are and what we want requires balancing.  Not a 50-50 proposition; balancing based on values and priorities in the moment is the focus.  We need ways to have daily routines to provide space, renewal and rejuvenation.  Adjusting by knowing what we need and what is important to us.  Bring balance to manage overwhelm, exhaustion, intense emotions and our ever present internal drive.

Balance is an individual formula.  Adjusting for its constant inclusion in our life provides the foundation to spring forward for all our endeavors.

How do you find your balance?  What do you do to manage all that you are?  Share in the comments below.  Let’s connect.