Many times we feel out of sync; the odd person out; like we are never understood; or why don’t “they” get it.  We adjust because this is not comfortable.  Our adjustments can be:  limiting ourselves, avowing others, playing the clown, or many other options.  Many times these kinds of adjustments are the result of not understanding who we are.

When we gain understanding that our uniqueness and idiosyncrasies are related to our genetic make-up, the way our brain is wired, and how we think, the whole picture changes.  We can think through how we want to adjust and how we can adjust to achieve interactions that are more comfortable.

Knowledge and information about how and why we are different gives us choice.  WE can utilize the knowledge and information to identify adjustments that are workable to respect our needs and successfully engage with the world around us.

With understanding, making adjustments allow us to be ourselves – different, and recognize others’ differences to engage and connect.

One of the steps to making effective adjustments is to gain understanding.  What have you learned about yourself that helped you to make adjustments?  Share in the comments below.  Let’s connect.