The Language of Powerful with Acey & Tyro

Acey Tyro Exploring Pg 1

Powerful emotions lead to strength internally and interpersonally.  Our feelings of hope, appreciation, respect, pride, and importance provide opportunity for growth.  We approach life with confidence, intelligence, value, satisfaction and good cheer.

Yes, there is a full spectrum of these emotions which can swing towards egocentric and thus result in the expression of the Mad family instead.  However in situations of challenge and hardships hope, faith, and value of life can bring us through with the power to take the next step.

Acey says:  Let’s embrace the feeling of being powerful with confidence.  We can know that experiencing and expressing the feelings of appreciated, respected and valuable are mutually beneficial to us and others as we engage.

It is ok to feel intelligent and proud.  Who we are and what we do is worthwhile.  Enjoy being cheerful and spreading cheer.

Dr. Edith says:  Being comfortable in our own skin is important.  Embracing our internal power recognizes the resource of our talents, abilities, sensitivities and intensity.

Our personal growth emerges from our faith, hope and confidence.  Our ability to contribute has value and is worthwhile.  We can be satisfied with our efforts to learn, grow, and contribute.  It validates us and meets our need of inclusion when we feel appreciated and respected.  We then learn the importance of reciprocity of such feeling for others.  This brings forth collaboration, cooperation, and facilitation of ideas for problem solutions.

We are powerful because we are intelligent, wise human beings.