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The saying goes:  to get a different outcome a change to the input, behavior, routine need to be made – Adjusting

Adjusting is about being aware of how we are acting at the time and what the outcome is; then changing- adapting- altering- regulating – to facilitate the desired results.

We may be experiencing discomfort, distress, or a challenge.  We get internal and external feedback that makes us aware that adjustment may be beneficial.  The information allows us to test and adapt our plans to move toward our intended outcome.  We can also be reacting to everything that is happening around us or that others are expecting or demanding of us.  Always adjusting and not being aware of or responding to our own needs / desired outcomes cause upheaval and chaos.

Over the next few weeks with this series, we will explore the value and the process of adjusting.  We will integrate adjusting with the various aspects of being a multi-talent.  We will delve into pros and cons of adjustment in understanding, overcoming, developing, expressing and connecting as a multi-talent.  We will look at our multi-facets, our many lenses of perception, and the variety of choices available.

Adjust can be very difficult and can be automatic.  We want to be aware and make conscious choices of integrating and managing the adjustments we make.

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