yellow hat head circle crop“I am such a dizzy, scattered, off the wall individual.  When I talk, it is rapid pace, a subject in depth, expansive and intelligent.”

Oh my, the laughs, that can create from others and of course, rolled eyes and shaking heads.   However, is that not our response at times when we hear others talk, that are not in the same groove?

So…. What to do?  Let’s find like-minded folks.   How do we do that?  It is an experiment and an adventure.  Attend – join in – groups, presentations, classes, meet-ups, cultural events, places frequented by, that are in the same vein and depth as our desired experience.  Maybe we will visit with an Indian Snake Dancer or sit in a pile of dirt with a magnifying glass and tweezers.  To many others those are hilarious pictures.  But to us it may be a delightful moment of a recognized kindred soul.

Meeting others, anyone else, can be a very uncomfortable activity.  Part of that may be because we are introverted or because of past experiences of rejection.  Take a look at various scenarios and smile, snicker, and laugh through the reference point.  We are also stubborn, persistent, and driven.  Let’s put that to work for us.  There are opportunities that abound for us to connect with like-minded when we step outside our comfort zone and take a little risk of feeling ridiculous (so are they).

Wrap yourself in the courage of laughter.  Laugh out loud, enjoy lots of laughter, love ourselves with laughter, and embrace the love of laughter – LOL

Where have you found like-minded?  Where will you step out to today to connect with like-minded?  Share in the comments below.  Let’s connect.

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