Managing the deluge of the Holidays

feather pic 2We are in the midst of the holidays.  We have had Black Friday and Cyber Monday and somewhere in there was Thanksgiving.  The countdown to Christmas began in July.  Now it is the time for all our own personal expectations to kick in.  We can become overwhelmed and haggard.  What to do?

Back to basics; start with taking a deep slow breath.  Alright we have some oxygen to the brain and maybe one muscle relaxed. What are the expectations we have for the holiday?  Which expectations are ours?  Which expectations of others have value to us to meet?  What is important to us for the holiday?  Think a minute.  Do not reply off the cuff with the clichés or expected response.  What does your heart say?  What traditions are tasks to be done and which ones have meaning?

One of our family traditions is having a theme for Christmas and sharing a story, poem, play, art around the theme.  It came about when I was a child and what were we to give our parents for Christmas.  We gave a play.  We put together the housecoat costumes and the paper bag props.  We had a major activity to occupy us during the time before Christmas.  We had fun, laughed, shared and it became a yearly event for 58 years now.  It is simplified with each family (kids have grown up and now there is grandkids) bringing something for the theme.  This is important and so it continues as more memories are created and love is shared.

Other things may be discarded, delegated, modified, but what is important, valued, continues.  What is important to your experience of the Holidays?  Figure that out first and plan for it.  Then decide what else you want to include.  Take care of yourself.  And bathe in the Joy of the season.

What will be your important experience for the holiday?  Share in the comments below.  Let’s connect.