Values, Needs, and Beliefs – LOL

yellow hat head circle cropOur values, needs, and beliefs are very important to us and serious matters.  We know and can recognize the value of humor and laughter.  However, exploring our values, needs, and beliefs on the lighter side can provide a broader perspective.

Values are important to us.  One of our top values may be laughter.  Important as a value may also be – joy, pleasure, play, happiness, health, success.  Laughter is part of all of these.  Can we laugh at ourselves?  Can we laugh at some of the situations we muddle through?  Can we laugh at, through, or around; the pain, the obstacles, and the challenges we experience?

Then we have our needs.  Yes, we have basic needs of food, water, shelter and companionship.  Yet, if we have laughter, dealing with a lack or uncertainty in these areas may give us the strength to persevere.  If we are well cared for in these areas laughter may bring the opportunity to share.

Another distinguishing factor may be to look at our “needs” and determine if they are “wants”.  As we think about our wants versus being needs it may become humorous.  We can laugh at our determination to pursue that want or the perspective that created that want.

If we look at some of our beliefs that seem ridiculous, we many want to laugh out loud.  We now laugh at the idea the world is flat.  What other beliefs about ourselves (can’t dos or body images or…) are ludicrous?   What beliefs do we have about others or the world around us if we delve into and learn more become laughable?

Smiles, grins, snickers, giggles, YES – laugh out loud, enjoy lots of laughs, love ourselves with laughter, and embrace the love of laughter.

What is your experience with the value of laughter?  Share in the comments below.  Let’s connect.

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