Oh! Look! With Acey & Tyro

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Oh! Look! We hear and say this often.  Two perspectives:  1) We are easily distracted, 2) We have lots of interests and curiosity.

Anything and everything can catch our attention.  We want to touch, feel, taste, look up close, try it on, or figure it out.  That is just who we are.


Acey says:  We are very observant with our eyes and our ears.  Tyro, as a prentice, you want to learn about everything.  If there is a sound or a movement we want to check it out.  We taste lots of things and students learn about us by examining owl pellets.  Sometimes we need to focus.  If we want to learn lots about one thing we need to concentrate on what is in front of us.  We need to block out the sounds and movement around us.  To understand and be able to do something well, we may have to do it more than once or come back to it several times.  It is great to be curious and love to learn.  To do so we must limit distractions and listen and watch.


Dr. Edith says:  Being easily distracted or not being able to concentrate or focus is not definitive criteria for attention deficit disorder.  More clarity in how we focus and how and when our attention is diverted is necessary to assess ADD.  Having insatiable curiosity can have similar results for a completely different reason.  The love and need to learn needs to be cultivated and stimulus is required.

Understanding and clarifying the difference will require different solutions to enhance the positive curiosity and minimize the potentially negative distractibility.  Providing opportunities to explore and learn the same material or task in different ways can be stimulating, provide practice, and facilitate different learning styles.  Offering tools, such as, catching one’s breath or even watching it can help slow us down to delve deeper into a topic.  We may need to apply a variety of techniques to help us focus and concentrate.  However, we never want to minimize the childlike wonder of the world each of us have naturally.

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