More than enough emotions: What to do?

feather pic 2Life events and holidays create times of high emotions for us and for the gatherings we attend.  We are sensitive and have lots of emotions to begin with.  Then there is the gathering which adds the emotions of all those around us.  Whether it be grief or joy the intensity of emotions can be overwhelming.  The energy required for the current experience and to engage is demanding.  The experience is full of life and can be energizing or draining.

What to do?  That depends on our point of balance.  Do we start from a center point or are we currently at one end or the other of the pendulum swing?  The moments happen, knowing our response and needs increase our ability to engage.  With grief, we need to give and receive support and allow for times (plural) to process the loss.  With joy, we need to give and receive with exuberance and balance with times to rejuvenate.   We may use filters and cocoons to moderate the impact of other’s emotions upon us.  We may need small breaks and be conscious of our breathing.  We may balance the engagement with activities that provide variation in the emotional engagement – more subdued (like doing the dishes).

Emotions are energy – positive and negative, filling and draining.  An awareness of our energy levels and our reactions and interactions with others emotions/energy, let’s us determine how to meet our needs and engage.  Give, receive, protect, support, embrace, withdraw as we need and want to in the various gatherings we participate.  Knowing how we recharge allows us to fuel life with our energy and experience the full spectrum of emotions.

Yes – intensity, overwhelm, exuberance, sadness, etc. are all part of the adventure of life.  Know yourself, respect others, and embrace life.