Imagination with Acey & Tyro

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Active imagination can create new ideas, images, or stories.  The imagination is made up in our minds and not necessarily based in reality.

The use of imagination can be a marvelous creative tool for arts and problem solving.  The use of the imagination can also be to escape reality or to present imagined situations as real.

Acey Says:  Tyro the imagination lets us practice flying before we are strong enough.  The imagination helps us to make beautiful music, art, and stories.

The imagination can let us occupy our time when we are bored, disinterested, or wanting to be somewhere else.  This may not always be a good way to use our imagination.

Dr. Edith says:  The imagination is where we create and connect ideas to produce creative works and problem solutions.  The imagination can be our retreat when we are bored or in a situation that does not engage us or we do not want to engage.  The imagination can also be where we change our reality with stories that:   are acceptable to others; provides excuses; or are far-fetched and may be what we have come to believe.  An imagination that is fueled and directed with beneficial guidance leads to creations and opportunities galore.


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