Being different as a Multi-Talent – LOL

yellow hat head circle cropOur humor is one of our differences.  We enjoy play on words.  We can laugh at the absurdity of a situation.  As a form of self-defense and to fit in we will many times make jokes about ourselves.  The fact is many times others do not ‘get’ our humor.

We can also use humor and laughter to gain a change in perspective as we examine our characteristics.   Our extremes of emotions, sensitivities, expressions, what we know, what we don’t know, our questions, our answers do result in laughter from others. Much of the laughter is because we are not understood.  When we step back and become the observer we can see how hilarious our presentation is.  There can also be an absurdity in our intense expression or belief of a variety of things.  These can be things that seem obvious to us and have no reference point to others.

Our humor can seem obnoxious or sarcastic.  We can offer it with that as the intention or be completely oblivious to its effect.  Having an opportunity to share and experience humor with others like us is wonderful laughing matter.  Being aware of our humor’s impact on others in general lets us make a choice in our communication.

When we laugh we can do so exuberantly.  That in and of itself, can create a significant reaction. Yet enjoying that which is funny and laughing full out is part of life and who we are.  We need to laugh out loud, have lots of laugh, love ourselves with laughter and a love of laughter.

What is your experience about being different with laughter or humor?  Share in the comments below.  Let’s connect.

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