Sensations Galore with Acey & Tyro

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The experience of seeing, smelling, tasting, touching and hearing are heightened.  Sensations are sought after or vehemently avoided.

Acey explains to Tyro –we seek out a variety of colors, textures, sounds, smells and tastes for the pleasure we experience.  On the other hand the slightest sensation can irritate, frustrate or overload us.  We have to figure out how to meet our needs.  Tyro continues, that may mean avoiding crowds or wearing earplugs because of the noise; cutting off labels inside clothing or wearing comfortable clothing.  How we experience the world is heighted, different from most everyone else.  We can be totally engrossed or grossed out.  We may need certain music, food, lights, colors, materials to calm us or for enjoyment.  We need to know how to function with our heightened sensations to maximize the benefits, minimize the irritations and modify the input for appropriate responses.

Dr. Edith:  The extreme experience of sensations is both an opportunity and a liability.  We want to encourage the awareness of both; and how to manage this aspect of who we are.  We want to have coping strategies that work so we can successfully engage in the world around us.  Acknowledge our delights in sights, sounds, and feelings.  Recognize we know what we like and dislike.  Have suitable choices (with inventive options) for us to adjust the environment and respond appropriately; such as, limiting offensive stimuli and maximizing comforting stimuli, opportunities to dwell in delight; and respond to discomfort.  We can manage our response to our sensations.  The world is a wonderful place to explore and it can be overwhelming.  We have a choice.


  1. “We can be totally engrossed or grossed out!”
    Wow. Isn’t that the truth of one aspect of the gifted girl experience?
    “We can manage our response to our sensations.”
    Yes, working on that daily.
    This was so helpful Acey, Tyro, and Dr. Edith!

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