Routines and Tools to Facilitate Purposeful Living

feather pic 2We often can feel overwhelmed, stressed out, or in the midst of chaos.  Daily routines help us manage the extremes and focus on what is important to us.  If we identify the tools and strategies that can make us more effective we can reduce the intensity we experience day in and day out with life’s demands.  Time management tools are always part of the solutions – calendars, check lists, stickies, phone notes/alarms, etc.  In addition setting the schedule to include transition times from rising/self-care to work; work to family; the day to the night, etc. provides an opportunity to change gears.  Routines of doing set things in a set order help things flow smoothly.  However, to keep the whole big picture together we need to know what is important in our life.

Purposeful living is knowing what your values are, what is important to you, and what the big picture is for you.  Identifying your values and prioritizing them is a great starting point.  Values are fairly consistent, but the priority ranking can change with life phases.  What is important to you then follows from the values and you begin to look at what outcomes you desire.  Integrating these and clarifying the Big Picture (what is your ideal life- who, what, when, and where) allows you to develop a plan.  Backwards flow charting can help, because then you know what it will take to accomplish the big picture and what you can do today.

Taking time to conduct a check-up lets you see if you are on track.  Are you integrating the big pictures of those that are important in your life?  Are you integrating self-care, creativity, play?  Are you adjusting with the changes that happen outside your control so that you are responding, not reacting?  This is about living and loving life, not just letting it happen.

What do you do for check-ups?   Share in the comments below.  Join the conversation.

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