Holiday season is upon us

feather pic 2Holidays – a time for celebration.  There are expectations – ours, family’s, community’s, retail industry, etc.  There are past experiences.  So today what is our perspective of holidays?  There can be joy in the celebration, the family traditions, and the community sharing.  There can be the hassle of the hustle and the bustle and the merchandizing of holidays.  (Yet we can be making a living through that merchandizing – torn).  Then the lack of others to celebrate with, or the seasonal cold long days, or the past dark clouds that hang over the holidays for us can lend to a depressive experience.

Holidays have had a purpose to bring us together with others and celebrate various occasions.  Holidays can be a time to remember and reflect.  Holidays can bring the light to the short gloomy days of winter.

And yet the actual reference we have can vary from this.

How we look at and “expect” to experience the holidays; takes in our past references, our beliefs, and our choices.  True not all that happens in during the holidays is in our control.  The winter days will be short.  We may have lost loved ones during this time frame.  We may not have fond memories of holidays. However, we do have a choice in how view and experience each day including holidays.  It is not always easy, but it is a choice.

Simplifying can be beneficial.  Organizing and preparing ahead of time can help.  Include activities (from staying home to attending a gala) that are enjoyable.  Finding our reason to care and share can bring joy.  Little pleasures, gratitude, reaching out, giving ourselves permission are all part of embracing the holidays from the perspective of joy by choice.

What is your experience of the holidays?  What will be your intention for these holidays?

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