Have You Done a Check Up Recently?

feather pic 2A check up from the neck up or from head to toes and everything in between?

Recently we looked at the Roles of our life and managing them. This involved looking at our values, what is important to us and deciding what roles we wanted to play for our life story.  In addition, to the roles we play we need to review our self-care and our goals.

Our ‘happiness’ or ‘satisfaction’ with life depends on our conscious awareness of what we want relative to what is important to us and what we do on a daily basis.  It is not rocket science, but it may include some.  We have an internal mechanism to keep us safe and content.  When we “feel” – emotional, in the gut, physically – discomfort; we need to pay attention.  Our feedback loop is trying to give us feedback.  Safety is comfort and joy.  Listening to our feedback look is a guide to check in and assess what is going on.

Setting specific times (beyond New Year’s Eve) helps to meld our actions with our intentions.  We can easily get lost in the daily routine and/or chaotic fast pace of life.  To bring together our dreams, passions, values, goals takes conscious effort of looking at the road and the means by which we are traveling in life.  Periodic checkups, are important for all of our life as they are for our health (which need to be a practice also).

Tools like daily calendar including blocked times for transitions, the priorities in your life currently; those sticky notes to capture the ideas/solutions are a way to keep the checking in with yourself in the forefront.  Other things that can be helpful is family/couple weekly or monthly meetings; idea journals; mind mapping; backward flowcharting; wish or bucket list; etc.  Choose tools that work for you.  However, do make conscious choices and schedule those periodic tune-ups.

What do you do for tune-ups?  ?  Share in the comments below.  Join the conversation.

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