Have you a special someone?

feather pic 2When it comes to be gifted and connecting with a significant other there are a variety of challenges.  However, there is also great joy.  As in any relationship, communication is paramount.  Another dynamic that matters is knowing ourselves.  We are intense, emotional, sensitive, empathic, driven, passionate, perfectionists, and human.  We desire an ideal relationship of mutual understanding and respect.

With being gifted all attributes and desires are magnified with our intensity and sensitivity.  Creating a pause, a centering or neutral moment for our experience allows us to think before we act/react.  Identification and sharing of our values and the current priorities of our values is a base line to form mutual understanding and respect.

Each day in a relationship is a new experience to explore.  Each individual is changing and so is the relationship.  Recognizing the consistency of change and exploring it for growth of the individuals and the partnership enhances the relationship.  Communicating the questions, the uncertainties, concerns, delights, hopes, and options with the intent of understanding builds the relationship.  A communication formula that eliminates guilt and shame and expresses our experience in the moment is:  I observe, I feel, I need, I ask.  Look for options that are not mine or yours but third possibilities that are totally different for discovering together.

Relationships are work.  Know yourself first.  Be open to the different perspectives, lenses of the other.  Pause.  Explore and grow together.  Here’s to having a special someone.

What is your experience?  Share your journey in the comments below.  Let’s connect.

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