Expressing for the World – Thinking It Through

ponder circle picExpressing our multi-talents is a vital part of who we are.  Expressing for the world is in part a responsibility.  Expressing for the world may also meet some of our other desires; such as, recognition.  In additions some expression involves interaction with others to be of service or to present.  Expressing for the world is a responsibility and a joy.

Put your DeBono Thinking Hats on!

White Hat – What are the Facts?

We have multiple talents.  We can provide solutions to problems.  We can provide opportunities for appreciation and entertainment for others.  There is a factor of responsibility in sharing our gifts.

What benefit will expressing your talents bring to the world?

Red Hat – Emotionally

There is joy in expressing our gifts to assist others or for others to experience our art.  There is emotional release and connection with others in the expression.

There is also the risk of being subjected to rejection, jealousy, and barriers.  Therefore our experience may include self-doubt, devastation, or pain.

So we ask, do we have the courage to express ourselves?

Black Hat – Caution, serious, and weaknesses

Expressing for the world, question arise.  Will it take too much out of me?  Will what we have to offer be accepted?  Does that matter?

Expressing ourselves may also involve increasing our skills in areas we are not talented or strong.  Additional skills that are needed to facilitate the expression may need to be developed.

What fears are you facing to express your talents for the world?

Yellow Hat – Optimistic, positive

Expressing for the world can be such a delight; the problems that can be solved, the discoveries that can be made, the art that can be expressed and enjoyed by all.  Yes, through the expression of our multi-talents so many things can happen to make the world a better place.

What has been your most recent delightful expression?

Green Hat- Abundance, growth, creativity

Expressing for the world is about personal growth within specific fields and about helping others to grow.  One expression leads to multiple expressions by us and in conjunction with others.  The think tanks for solving a multitude of challenges come into existence and generate ideas galore.

What growth or increase in creativity have you experienced in expressing for the world?

Blue Hat – Control, organization, collaboration of all the hats

The expression of our talents engages community.  It brings together the people of the world to experience possibilities.  Yes, there are many challenges.  However, the sharing of our talents engages and strengthens the caring within the world.

How will you express your talents to engage caring in the world today?


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