Connecting with Others – Thinking It Through

ponder circle picWe interact with a variety of people every day.  These interactions can be challenging and filled with misunderstandings.  We have the cognitive ability and sensitivity to enhance communication with others.  It is a skill set we can develop whether it is natural or not.  Yes we can have other attributes that our social skills are impacted.  Our abilities offer us a choice.

Enhancing connecting with others with conscious effort enables us to expand on our need to facilitate justice, hope, and betterment of the world.   Connecting with others engages community.

Put your DeBono’s Thinking Hats on!

White Hat – What are the Facts?

Connecting with others happens through effective communication.  This is a two way process.  It involves being aware of others (non-verbal) and listening (beyond hearing) to others.  Is also involves communicating to be understood.  We need to slow down our racing thoughts and create a focus on the conversation.

Connecting with others at work, in the family, and the community forms relationships to engage in the many facets of life.

What are the facts you know in connecting with others?

Red Hat – Emotionally

We experience frustration, discomfort, fear and joy in connecting with others.  There is a wide array of miscommunication.  And time of partial to complete understanding (two ways).

Smiles shared are contagious.  Sorrow and pare are intensely experienced.  Connecting brings hope, support, and dreams.

What has been your emotional experience in connecting with others?

Black Hat – Caution, serious, and weaknesses

We are cautious in connecting with others because of the possibility of rejection and ridicule.  We are cautious on connecting with others because of our empathy resulting in experiencing their pain.  We are cautious in connecting because of experiencing overwhelm.

We observe and see the various dynamics of human interaction and question the validity of the interaction, the means of the interaction and the outcome.

We may have limited social skills or be more introvert.  The effort to connect may be exhausting.

What cautions come to mind for you in connecting with others?

Yellow Hat – Optimistic, positive

Connecting with others can bring happiness.  Connecting with others can result in a celebration.  We can engage in sharing and caring.  We can come together and solve problems.  We can rebuild after storms.  As a community that is connected we can face challenges together and cheer the successes.

How have you connected in celebration with others?

Green Hat- Abundance, growth, creativity

With our introvert tendencies (natural or developed as part of coping strategy) consciously connecting with others is personal growth and bring abundance to our relationships.

Connecting with others will stimulate our creativity and new ideas.  We will expand our own expression and integrate the community into the expression.          Possibilities and opportunities to better the world will multiply.

What new ideas have you had in connecting with others?

Blue Hat – Control, organization, collaboration of all the hats

As we bring these various perspectives of connecting with others together we experience the value of community.  We learn and experience what collaboration with others can do for solving problems, building and rebuilding of “home”, culture and community.

Connecting with others grows interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships.  We experience the full vitality of life!

What is your experience of creating with a group of people?

Share your experience.  Leave a comment.  Let’s connect.

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