Connecting the Dots – Thinking It Through

ponder circle picWe see the various dots that span the world, the multitude of fields of studies, and the broad spectrum of the arts.  We can see connections that among the dots that may be obvious or obscure or may seem not related.  We can see the big picture.

The way we connect the dots leads to discoveries and creations.  It also leads to rejection, ridicule, and at times self-doubt.  It is the phenomenon of seeing a pattern in a kaleidoscope of possibilities.

Connecting the dots of the big picture bring clarity.  The clarity comes at times slowly and with great effort and other times in what seems like flashes of revelation.

Connecting the dots is our part in contributing to the world.

Put your DeBono’s Thinking Hats on!

White Hat – What are the Facts?

There are infinite dots to connect like there are infinite stars in the sky.  The way our mind works connects these dots – one to one, in leaps, in bits and pieces, or in full integration.  Logic or obvious connections are not always part of the process.  Imagination and creativity may be at the forefront with exact puzzle pieces being identified in time.

Connecting the big picture solves problems, facilitates discoveries, expresses creative endeavors, expands our knowledge, and furthers our interconnection in the world.

What are the facts you have identified about seeing the big picture?

Red Hat – Emotionally

Connecting the dots can bring eureka or total frustration.  The frustration can be seeing the missing link in your peripheral vision and not able to bring it into focus.   Eureka can be entering the flow and possibly working frantically as the ideas and connections come to you at a rapid pace.

The intensity of the process can be exhilarating, energizing, overwhelming and/or exhausting.  The emotion can swing from intense excitement and pleasure to vexation and depression.

Connecting the dots and seeing the big picture is about being enmeshed in our talents and the creative process.

What is the array of emotions you experience in connecting the dots of the big picture?

Black Hat – Caution, serious, and weaknesses

Caution can kick in as self-doubt, not trusting our process, or not wanting to experience the “scorn” of others.

Caution also needs to enter to bring balance to our lives and process.  We need to consider the weaknesses in our view of the big picture and our connections of the dots.  We need to be open to consider others’ big pictures to integrate in ours to fill in missing pieces.

What cautions, considerations do you need to give to your view of the big picture?

Yellow Hat – Optimistic, positive

The excitement of connecting the dots and being able to see the big picture is so much fun.  There is such joy in solving problems or creating art.

There is much need in the world.  Connecting the dots to impact any portion of that need is rewarding.

With the abilities to connect the dots and see the big pictures opportunities abound to bring hope and positive outcomes.

What positive outcomes do you see or have your created in the big picture?

Green Hat- Abundance, growth, creativity

Connecting the dots is all about new ideas, growth and creativity.  There is an abundance of need and problems with unlimited potential for solutions and expression.

Through connecting the dots we cultivate growth of the world, with knowledge and understanding of the universal connections.

What growth do you see in connecting the dots of the big picture?

Blue Hat – Control, organization, collaboration of all the hats

The big picture is about bringing together the various pieces through collaboration, cooperation, and integration.  It is about being able to actively perceive through a variety of lenses.

The connecting of the dots outside requires connecting the dots on the inside.  We are complex, multi-faceted, multi-talented individuals.  We are embedded in the big picture through our talents, emotions, ideas, sensitivities, and being human.  We contribute and receive within the big pictures.  We are a dot and we see the dots.  Connect.

How do you integrate your multi-facets in the big picture?

Share your experience.  Leave a comment.  Let’s connect.

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