Busy Brain with Acey & Tyro

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Acey:  Let’s explore our busy brains.  My brain is so busy, I wish it had an off button.  I have all these ideas and thoughts about how things work or could work.  Even when I want to go to sleep my mind keeps thinking and thinking.  It is really hard for me to sleep.  I need my sleep to be able to watch and learn, to fly; to get my food; to play or help others.  Just like it can be hard for me to sit still; it is hard for me not to have a 1000 things going through my mind all the time.  What do I do?

Dr. Edith:  Having a busy mind and a brain that works in various ways helps us to learn, explore, discover and create.  However, quieting our mind to allow us to rest, take a break or sleep is important. It lets us recharge our battery so that we have the energy to do more things and have many more ideas.  Just like after exercising hard your body needs a cool down period.  We usually keep moving but slow down the movement.  This lets us come to a stop and minimizes the possibility of pain.  We want to do the same thing with our brain.  When we exercise we also watch our breathing.  That can help us with slowing down our brain too.  We want to feel the breath come through our nose and go into our lungs and expand so it presses our belly out.  We continue to watch as our belly goes down and the air squishes out of our lungs and exits out our nose.  We just watch.  We don’t try to do anything.  We focus on the breath going in and out.   This focus on the breath gives the brain a specific task to do.  The breathing relaxes our muscles including the brain.  Also, the breathing brings more oxygen to our brain so that it can recharge quietly and we can sleep.

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