7 Strategies to Function as a Multi-Talent

feather pic 2Why 7?  For the fun of it let’s look at the number 7 first.  In Jin Shin – the point #7 clears the head bringing our consciousness through a complete cycle to “victory” from mental tensions.  It brings us to completion; the end and the beginning.  #7 is cessation for the moment, safety and security.  In Numerology – The number 7 is a synthesis of all the lessons from 1 through 7 to show us how to express Will-Power.  It means to express solemn intention or to vow to confirm by oath.  The number 7 brings us peace, security and abundance.  It is connected with the perfected mind bringing us introspection applied to adaptation and adjustment and action of Right Will.  It gives us master and conquest and the ability to make real, to be out thoughts.

Hmmm… very apropos for strategies to function as a multi-talent

With such characteristics as overwhelm, overexcitabilities, racing thoughts, countless ideas, easily distracted, high sensitivities, energy and emotional swings, we need strategies to function.  We need to be able to concentrate and focus.  We need ways to successfully interact with others.  We need to be able to stay healthy.  We are intelligent.  We can gather information and assimilate it.  We have many skills.  We can connect the dots and solve problems.  However, we are not always effective in how we function.

7 Strategies to help us manage us and function effectively

  • Breathing is such an important and simple tool. We need to take a breath (or several) to calm our racing minds and our emotions. This allows oxygen to get to our brains.  Brains like oxygen, results in the ability to think clearly.  It also provides centering, a calming point.
  • Rest, sleep is important for rejuvenating the body and maintaining health. A good night’s sleep (based on your own healthy rhythm) allows us to relax the body, mind, and spirit to begin again the next day.  A short nap can provide a brief moment to separate our self from the whirlwind we are in the midst of.
  • Play allows for simple pleasure, expression of our creativity, and restoration of our soul. Consciously scheduling playful activities lets us grow, develop, relax, and connect.  We have a tendency toward busyness and this is a way to do and have fun.
  • Expressing our talents is important to our vitality. We can have a tendency to hide our talents, dumb down, or minimize our abilities (psss to fit in).  Because of our drive and passion, it is important to choose the way of expression that is nearest and dearest to our hearts.  Expression energizes us.  It fulfills some of our basic needs of who we are.
  • Saying No to requests and to excuses. We do not have to be all things to all people or respond to doing to every request we receive because we can do it.  Healthy choices means deciding what is in alignment with our values.  No to excuses is acknowledging our ability to use our talents to function within our capacity.
  • Using tools that help us manage our personal dynamics allows us to be in greater control. Some such tools are:  Flower Essences which help mediate emotional experiences and enhance emotional development.  Jin Shin Acupressure which allows gentle touch to facilitate health and well-being supporting mind, body, and spirit.
  • Enjoyment – bringing joy into our daily lives. We bring joy by having gratitude for what we have and experience.  We bring joy by experiencing simple pleasure, such as; reading, sitting in nature, art, music, crocheting, being with family and friends.

What strategies to you use to enable yourself to function effectively?

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