Expressing for Me – Thinking It Through

ponder circle picWe are driven to express ourselves.  This expression can be a private personal expression.  We can write, sing, play, dance, pain, create for an audience of one – me.  We need to acknowledge that is ok.

Without expression we experience a discontent which takes many forms.  To bring harmony and joy to our lives we need opportunities to be in the flow and express the multi-faceted talent we contain.  For us expression of our talents is to know our authentic self.

Put your DeBono Thinking Hats on!

White Hat – What are the Facts?

It is inherent with high energy and multiple talents some form of expression must result.  It’s like that saying, ‘what is in motion stays in motion’ or ‘for every action there is a reaction’.  Both of these can be experience internally.  Expression brings wholeness to our being.  The expression is what is important not always the audience.  Therefore, expressing for oneself provides the completion to the integration of our multiple facets.  The energy that flows within has focus and a release.

What about expressing is necessary for you?

Red Hat – Emotionally

Our emotions and creativity are intertwined.  Thus we can release them together with expression of our talents or feel the impact of their struggle without expression.

We can experience all the emotion surrounding our expression – not perfect, should not be frivolous, waste of time, depression, exuberance, accomplishment, gratitude, delight, peace, fulfillment, etc.  The act of expression syncs the puzzle pieces of who we are.

What allow you to join your creativity and emotions in the form of expression?

Black Hat – Caution, serious, and weaknesses

Our intense need of expression can bring us to the brink of life through inability to redirect our focus.  Our self-doubts about our expression can be very painful and open the doors for indulgence and self-medicating.

The need to express is serious business for multi-talents health and well-being.   We need to exert caution in the ensuring we allow for expression and balance, self-care and responsibility, as part of the formula.

What do you need to be cautious about in expressing or the lack there of?

Yellow Hat – Optimistic, positive

There is such joy in expressing out talents.  It is fun to try different things in our different interests.  There is always a new idea, a new sensation, a new combination, more to explore – yes a never ending adventure.  The possibilities are unlimited on what we can do.  Each little creation brings delight and expands who we are.

What brings you joy in your expression?

Green Hat- Abundance, growth, creativity

Expression for only our eyes release creativity and cultivates personal growth.  Through our expression, the evidence of our talents and the experience of our authentic self are abundant.  The expression connects our many facet initiating further creativity and growth.

What is your experience of growth through your expression?

Blue Hat – Control, organization, collaboration of all the hats

Understand that expression even for our eyes only is a vital component for completeness and our well-being.  As a multi-talent we intensely experience our emotions, ideas, and input.  Expression, even privately, provides a focus and a release for the energetic build up within us.  Translating our innate talents into an expression defines our life experience.

What needs to happen next for you to express?

Share your experience.  Leave a comment.  Let’s connect.

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