Balance and Routine

feather pic 2Does everything seem chaotic?  Does it seem like there is too much to do and not enough time?  Do you have an established routine and yet still something seems to be missing?  Do you realize that balance is a fluid state versus a stagnant state?  Do you have your big picture clearly in mind?

Calendars, check lists, routines are all part of managing day to day life.  They are very excellent tools.  They bring order to the chaos.  However, the next question beyond order in your life is:  is there meaning, or are you living by consciously choosing with what is important to you?

The big picture of survival, health, family, passions, interests, dreams is as important as the small details.  Creating management of chaos and vast array of options, needs, ideas, and input requires using all those tools you have learned and apply.  Looking at the big picture matters.  Clarify what your big picture looks like.  This will put the details into perspective.  This will provide you with the why, the motivation to make things happen and keep going.   Do you know what you value and the priority for today of those values?  Next are you willing to risk, take leaps, push yourself, change the routines, to address your big picture?

What will you do different today?  We are not looking at adding to your plate.  We are discussing changing what is on your plate?  Do you have a wish list, a bucket list, an adventure list, or whatever you want to call it to try new and different experiences?  Have you assessed the demands on you and decided what can be delegated, eliminated, dealt with in a different fashion, or collaborated?

Create balance and routines in your life with fluidity and the big picture in mind.

What does balance and the big picture look like in your life?  Share in the comments below.  Join the conversation.  Let’s connect.

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