Having Strength in New Experiences

feather pic 2     What new experiences do you have on the horizon?  Are you going to try something on your bucket list?  Are you going to make a lifestyle change for your health?  Are you going to learn something new – at school, at work, or for pleasure?

What will it take to come from strength for these new experiences?  Do we understand how we handle change, new situations?  Understanding of our “usual” response establishes an awareness where we can pause and make a choice.

If we are anxious we can start with a few breaths.  We can logically assess the pros and cons, benefits and liabilities, or the joy and fear of the new experience..

If we are extremely excited probably wise to take a few breaths too.  Then we can ask are we prepared?  Are we open with heart and mind?

If we are resistant that is usually coming from fear which kicks in our survival mechanism to protect us.  Here breathing calms again.  Now look at breaking down the experience in smaller steps.  Reach out for support, a friend to encourage you, hold you accountable and/or do it with you.

Whatever the new experience  – know your start point, identify your options for proceeding, and go forth engaging in a new experience of life.

What do you do when beginning something new?  Share in the comments.  Join in the conversation.

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