Fabulous Me, Fabulous You, Celebrate!

feather pic 2Each day is a celebration.  No each day is not perfect happiness.  Yet each day is a celebration of life, living, being, exploring, experiencing.  And yes, that is about the great moments and the not so great moments.  In that celebration we need to acknowledge how fabulous we are and celebrate.

I can get so excited about the simplest little things.  At times you would think I had won the lottery.  It can be something I just learned to do; like how to use a squeegee.  Or it can be seeing a butterfly land on a flower.  In that moment, that is a reflection of whom I am and that is fabulous.  Yes there are times I accomplish something significant and that is fabulous too.  However, the moments of a smile crossing my face, a sparkle in my eyes, or a tear slowly running down my cheek is fabulous, too.  The times I help with grandchildren or a local service organization are fabulous.  The times I sit quietly and read a book, crochet, draw a mandala are fabulous too.  The times I celebrate with friends and family are fabulous.  And yes, the times at night I am alone and cry because of a hurt are fabulous too.  I am fabulous – big or small, short or tall, strong or weak, slow or fast, wise or foolish.  I am fabulous as I am.  In that, I am, I have choice, and that is fabulous too.  So remember you are FABULOUS too.  Then let us celebrate the full expression of who we are.

What is fabulous about you?  Share in the comments below.  Join the conversation.

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