Understanding What Makes Me Different – Thinking It Through

ponder circle picWe are different.  We think differently.  We feel differently.  We sense differently.  And we put it all together differently.  However, that also makes everyone else different from us.

We need to understand how we are different and that our biology is part of that difference.  We need to understand what contributes to the way we function.  This can be difficult as we are immersed in vast diverse experiences continuously.  We need to pause and extract ourselves from the moment and look at our characteristics, their impact and management thereof.

Put your DeBono Thinking Hats on!

White Hat – What are the Facts:

We are neurologically wired differently.  Our genes provide the foundation of our talents.  Our sense(s) respond to the environment with high sensitivity.  What other facts can you think of?


Red Hat – Emotionally

We live an intense experience.  We have a roller coaster of emotion each day, each moment.  We are exuberant and devastated.   Emotionally how would you describe our differences?


Black Hat – Caution, serious, and weaknesses

We are basically human beings.  We need to fit in.  We can carefully express our talents.  What cautions or serious concerns would you express about our characteristics?


Yellow Hat – Optimistic, positive

We have a great many talents and can do a great many things.  We see solutions to the world’s problems.  We have so much fun –discovering and imagining new things.  What do you see as positive about our characteristics as a multi-talent?


Green Hat- Abundance, growth, creativity

We are full of ideas and potential creations.  We have abundant energy.  We have many areas we can grow in and help growth to happen.  What do you see as the growth, abundance and creativity of our characteristics?


Blue Hat – Control, organization, collaboration of all the hats

We grasp multiple concepts, ideas, solutions, and can integrate them.  We can see the whole picture.  We may need to learn organization and control.  What about our characteristics does control and organization impact?


We are different.  What perspectives gave you the greatest insight into being different?  Share your experience.  Leave a comment.  Let’s connect.

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