Transitioning to Sleep

feather pic 2Multi-talents most often experience an intense high energy day, every day.  Time for relaxation and rejuvenation are important.  Which means a good night’s sleep comes in handy.  However, going from a rocket ship pace to a moment of stillness can be difficult and requires applying the brakes.  The brakes are creating a transition that slows our mind and body in preparation for rest.  Before bedtime routine, a regular series of activities, that cues the body and the mind for the change in pace is beneficial.  What the routine is individual.  It can be meditation, prayer, watching TV (depends on the show), listening or playing music, stretching exercises, a simple household chore, a bubble bath, reading, crocheting (repetitive, rhythmic activity), or…. The idea is to give yourself time and space to go from one mode of operation to another, from fast to slow, from busy to quiet.  Then in bed continue with a routine, the pillow, the blankets, the position, breathing softly, counting, gratitude for the day, or….  Sleep my friends sleep.

What is your routine to prepare for sleep?  Share in the comments below.  Join the conversation.

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