Thinking It Through

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We are ready to start a new series.  We will be approaching each aspect of being a multi-talent by thinking it through.  Sometimes it is hard to see the forest through the trees.  There are times we do not see ourselves clearly or the impact we have, because we are literally in the middle of it.  We need to get a different perspective.  To help us do that we will be using DeBono’s Thinking Hats to approach each facet of being a multi-talent.  As a review or introduction – here is a summary of the perspective each hat represents.

De Bono’s Six Thinking Hats

White Hat White is neutral and objective.  The white hat is concerned with objective facts and figures.
Red Hat Red suggests anger (seeing red), rage and emotions.  The red hat gives the emotional view.
Black Hat Black is somber and serious.  The black hat is cautious and careful.  It points out the weaknesses in an idea.
Yellow Hat Yellow is sunny and positive.  The yellow hat is optimistic and covers hope and positive thinking.
Green Hat Green is grass, vegetation, and abundant, fertile growth.  The green hat indicates creativity and new ideas.
Blue Hat Blue is cool, and it is also the color of the sky, which is above everything else.  The blue hat is concerned with control, the organization of the thinking process, and the use of other hats.


Here is an example – by looking at what are our multi-talents.

Do we understand our abilities? 

Do we realize and accept our own brilliance?  Do we respect our abilities?  We have accomplished education, different work achievements etc.

We have lots of ideas, expansive visions, solutions to problems and we can do the job and do it well!  However, we are very sensitive – to remarks made to or about us; to the injustices in the world; to lights, noises, aromas.  Many times we feel different and that we don’t fit in.  We have an insatiable curiosity and childlike playfulness.  We seek out the ultimate truths.  We are smart women.

We are driven by our passions and our values.  We need to consciously recognize and acknowledge both.  However, we have beliefs about ourselves and the world around us that can be beneficial and can be a hindrance.   We need to believe it is ok to be smart and have magnificent abilities.  Our needs to be accepted, recognized, respected are inherent.  We have choice no matter what messages we have received throughout the years.  We are smart women.

How are we smart?  – is it math, science, engineering, music, art, problem solving, visionary, business…..?  Do we know where our talents lie?  Yes, what comes easy to us?  Then the next question is what do we enjoy – where does our passion lie?  We need to make a conscious choice which talents to use and develop.  Mastery takes time, discipline, practice, persistence, overcoming challenges, deliberate learning and this is all in area that comes naturally to us.  Mastery is a process toward excellence not perfection.  Just because we made a choice for mastery does not mean we have to let go or neglect all our other talents and abilities.  We can find a common thread and weave them together; we can focus on one and then another in series; we can do one vocationally and indulge in others avocationally; some can be for serious times and some for play.  It is our choice, we are smart women.

Time for the six hats  

White Hat:  Factually list what are you good at?  What does come easy to you?  In what areas do you excel without even trying?  The facts.  

Red Hat:  How do you feel about being smart?  Probably a full spectrum of emotions:  proud, delighted, sophisticated; questioning, shameful, doubting, afraid; defensive, ready to fight; self-assured, matter of fact; well smart of course.

 Black Hat:  Cautious, checking all the details, weighing each aspect, being sure all the ducks are in a row. 

Yellow Hat:  This is fun, so much more to explore, I can do anything. 

Green Hat:  What can I learn next, What else can I do, look at all the possibilities, so many places I can contribute. 

Blue Hat:  How can I put all this together, how can I use my talents to make the greatest contribution, what do I have that can make a difference?


What are your thoughts or questions?  Leave a comment.  Join the conversation.

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