Taoism and Connecting with Others

DSC02728Our daily lives are filled with interacting with others at work, home, in the community and across virtual settings.  We are misunderstood and misunderstand frequently because of how our brain and emotions function.  .  We have a fast paced thought pattern and fervent emotional experiences.   However, we have the ability to learn communication skills and to make a choice on our communication.  We start with our awareness of self and the uniqueness of all.

The uncluttered mind can see what is in front of us.   The overstuffed mind is unable to see or grasp that which is in front of us.  The clear mind listens to a bird singing while the stuffed mind wonders what kind of bird is singing.  To communicate we need to clear our minds of thoughts and emotions.  We need to be aware and enjoy who and what is around us.  We need to learn to trust our inner sensitivity to the natural rhythm of things.

Tao wisdom is about learning to appreciate those in and what happens in our everyday life.  It is about accepting that happiness flows naturally from living in harmony with life.  When we see things as simple, we tap into a natural power.  The power is to see life as natural, simple, plain and honest.  This leads to enjoying the natural beauty and function of things and of the people in our lives.  It is about putting our arrogance, complexity and other attitudes to one side.  We do not let them get in our way.  We can then find the simple, childlike secret of true wisdom – caring and compassion.

Connecting with caring, compassion and communication makes the world go round.

What has been your experience?  Share your journey in the comments below.  Let’s connect.

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