Taoism and Connecting the Dots


Connect the Dots…

A strong desire exists for people to find connections.  This in turn becomes patterns, literature and music.  Think about music for a moment, in life, as life.

The moments are notes

Strung together, this becomes a song of life

Our consciousness the melody

The tempo, is the heart beating

                                    Casey Kochmer,  http://personaltao.com/


The dots we connect are a multitude and at various distances from each other.  Many times the connection between the dots is spontaneous without following any particular path.  The ‘aha’ moments we experience are a form of connecting dots.  The ideas and solutions that come to us connect the information we have gathered, analyzed, sorted and stored from our vast observations, sensations, and experience.

Knowing ourselves connects the dots within, healing the disconnects we experience from asynchronous development.  Exploring the internal landscape shows us patterns and creates understanding of who we are.

Delving into various aspect of the world around us lets us see the natural patterns that exist and those that have been developed over time.  Opportunities then arise to connect dots that can bring an expression that supports the natural rhythm of things.  From the complexity of the dots a pattern seen clarifies the simplicity.  Connect the dots within the breath.

What has been your experience?  Share your journey in the comments below.  Let’s connect.

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