Abilities and Disabilities – Twice Exceptional

feather pic 2Being a multi-talent does not exclude us from having multiple challenges.  We know that we have many interests and many abilities.  Sometimes we think we are ‘crazy’ because of our intensity, overexcitabilities, and emotional roller coaster.  Then there are times we truly have defined, whether diagnosed or not, disabilities.  We may have challenges like Cerebral Palsy, Low Vision, Dyslexia, Processing Speed, Major Depression, or ….

The catch many times is that the focus by us or others is on either the ability or the disability and not the whole.  Either way this leads to insufficient understanding, support, and development.  Recognizing the whole of each individual is important to us as individuals and by systems of which we are part.  Knowing and understanding the factors in how we function provides us empowerment to choose our expression.  And yes that expression includes accommodations and strategies to meet our needs of ability and disability.  Examples include: with emotional upheaval taking breaths or having a video of your quiet spot; with low vision having visual accommodations; with mobility issues having the physical support as needed; with processing issues – auditory, speed, visual – having the time and alternated modes of input; reading or math challenges – alternate learning modalities; and so forth.  It is just as important to have an outlet for our abilities, our intense interests, our passions; so that, they are enabled and not disabled.

If there are discrepancies in experience or expression – explore the dynamics to better understand the individual’s process.  This will lead to greater knowledge of abilities and disabilities, which allows for accommodations and coping strategies.  This allows us to know the whole person – ourselves or someone else.  As the Army motto goes – ‘Be all you can be’.  Be whole.  Express yourself in your own unique way.  Honor all of who you are as each contributing factor is a gift.

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