Taoism and Expression for Me



All the talent is bottled up inside me just waiting for the cork to pop so the bubbly can shower everywhere.  This is my own special variety of bubbly.  Not to be shared.  As the bubbles explode in the air they catch the light and rainbows are formed.  So fitting, for the exuberance that is felt in the expression.  Yet is there a twinge of guilt felt as if one is being selfish.  No need, as being true to oneself, is the art of expression.

There are times as Multi-Talents we need to express the talent(s), to create, just to see our idea, vision, creation manifest.  There is no other reason than to be that expression.   It is what brings us joy.  And in experiencing our own joy it adds joy as all is connected.

Learn to trust your inner sensitivity and natural rhythm which is in sync to the nature’s rhythm.  Learn to work with your own inner nature.  See what is in front of you and follow the nature of things.   Through your expression you create a sense of oneness with all things. With that sense of oneness comes deep intuition into the nature of the universe.   Accept your life.  Follow the breath to find peace.  Smile to enable possibility.


What is your expression?  What brings you joy?  Share in the comments below.  Join in the conversation.

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