Taoism and Connecting with Others Like Me



As Multi-Talents many times we experience aloneness because finding others that are like us and can relate to our various unique characteristics that are our norm is challenging.  When you look at the numbers with our intelligence and creativity being on the upper end of the bell curve, we are not a dime a dozen.  Yet the human need of connecting with others like us is part of our reality too.  Be open to the opportunities of connecting through daily life, common interests, specialized groups, or….

Relationships start with self-respect and carry through with mutual respect.   Relationships are to embrace shared moments and let life meander freely as it will.  In relationships allow the flow of the moments and not force a static ideal or only a singular experience.  A relationship is a dance between the personal growth of each person mixed to sharing moments together.  The balance of the dance changes dramatically with many different factors.   The exact spice of life required to make a particular relationship harmonious is related to each individual’s harmony and the sharing of the moments.  The relations’ spice shifts and evolves with time.

Thus as we search for those like us we need to embrace the opportunities of connecting and the shared moments of those paths we cross and partake.


What is your experience?  How do you connect with others like you?  Share in the comments below.  Join the conversation.



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