Taoism and Balance



As Multi-Talents, we keep many plates spinning in the air at the same time.  We can become immersed in a specific pursuit and lose track of time and place.  We are bombarded by ideas and by sensations which can create overwhelm.  We have the various roles of our lives with the corresponding responsibilities.  We need meaning, purpose, justice, fulfillment, stimulation, joy and expression all at the same time.  Finding a way to experience balance and harmony is important.

Taoism teaches a person to flow with life.  As a person we are a blend of many truths.  The truth taught in Taoism is to embrace life in actions that support you as a person.  Taoism teaches a person to live to their heart.  Act on what keeps the mind, body and spirit engaged and strong.  These actions should support your essence with activities fitting the need of the moment.  Take time, relax, and explore.  It is within the pause of a breath… that each step of living becomes visible for your larger life to improve and follow upon.

Clarifying your needs, your values, and your priorities is a tool.  Clearing your mind and trusting your intuition – inner feelings is a foundation to attain harmony.   Find ways to see order in the chaos.  Let go, simplify, and breathe so that within the nothing all can be.


What is your experience?  What ways do you bring balance to your life?  Share in the comments below.  Join the conversation.

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