Music a Daily Experience

feather pic 2Music is all around us if we are quiet, listen with open ears and heart.  There is the blowing of the wind, the buzz of the bees, the swaying of the trees, the hum of the insects, the noise of the city, the sounds of children playing, etc.  Yes these are the sounds that then we humans have expressed with our voices and instruments.  From soothing, quiet, soft sounds to the wild rhythms of hoof beats and cascading waterfalls.  Each melody speaks to us and connects us with ourselves, our environment, our community, our family, our culture.

Music may be one of talents we express with melancholy, joy, and/or exuberance.  Music may be a tool to manage our overexcitabilities and intensities.  Music is a language of expression and relating.

Our daily rhythm is important.  And in that rhythm, recognize the melody, literally and figuratively.  The music blares loudly to stir our rhythm or drown out our thoughts.  Quiet instrumental in the background to calm and sooth ourselves or as we work with others.  The music we choose in the moment reflects our mood, our dreams, our emotions, our needs.

I start my day with music by the alarm.  Let my day start with an upbeat wake up call.  Many times during the day, classical station will play in the background to nurture and harmonize.  Then comes the moment there is a need to stir things up or celebrate and dance tunes (rock and roll, jazz, pop) or musicals are played.  Yet then there are times for quiet listening to the natural music of the house or the outdoors.  Each is a way to connect further with myself and everyone and everything around me.

How do you experience music on a daily basis?  What does music express for you?

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