‘Free’ Time – Is it a Challenge?

feather pic 2My first thought is – YES.  Where is it?  That is a very common reality for a multi-talent with many interests, a tendency toward perfection, curiosity galore, a bucket list a mile long, and on top of that a pragmatic, responsible, achiever.  Yet, the question can arise when ‘free’ time comes available how will I use it.  Which task or interest will I pursue and poof the ‘free’ time is gone. The other aspect of ‘free’ time ‘appearing’ is giving permission to do nothing, relax, or play.

Having been in a position to manage time when clients do not show, I am quick to move on to the next thing on the to-do list.  I quickly shift gears and meet the next responsibility.  That is effective use of time.  However, that habit and ability does have a down fall also.  Knowing when to shift from task orientation to R&R as the more beneficial use of ‘free’ time is important.  My well-being can depend on recognizing the best value for that moment of time.

A good rule of thumb with ‘free’ time is:  take a breath, pause.  Ask some questions.  What is my current need for this available unplanned time?  What will have the greatest value for my use of this time?  Look at your to-do list and your wish list and make a conscious choice with permission to use the time wisely.  And choosing to do nothing may be a wise choice.  Take 15 minutes to declutter.  Take a few minutes to call a family member or a friend.  Take a nap.  Get the washing done.  Finish another project that was interrupted or has been waiting.  Whatever, time is a limited commodity and choose wisely (warning: do not spend too much time thinking about it or the time will be gone).

Is free time a challenge for you?  In what ways?  How do you manage free time?

Let us know in the comments below.  Join in the conservation.

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