Get the Clutter Out of the Way

Clutter:  1) a disorderly heap or assemblage

                2) a state or condition of confusion


feather pic 2Multi-talents are creating in many different directions.  Many ideas and projects are in process everywhere.  The desk, the studio, work space or living space shows all the possibilities, all the starts and all that is progressing.  Our thoughts and activity can go from one thing to the next to the next.  Now there are heaps and piles everywhere with a state of confusion.

Getting the clutter out of the way physically, can recycle resources, open up areas, and organize space.  Getting the clutter out of the way mentally, can capture all those ideas, release many emotions, process information and connect the big picture.

Getting the clutter out of the way creates efficiency and ease.

What are ways we can get the clutter out of the way?

In the physical realm we can:

  • Sort to recycle, sell, donate or organize
  • Choose to simplify and/or downsize by determining values and needs
  • Assess purpose and utility of our things

In the mental/emotional realms:

  • We can record things in an idea notebook, on stickies, on to-do lists (with value), dictate, verbal notes on phone, etc.
  • Transition times and routines to let go, calm down, and re-engage.
  • Breathe, pause, make conscious choices, being mindful
  • Recognize the full spectrum of emotions and know the center point

Getting clutter out of the way opens space and possibilities.  What will you do today to declutter and open your vistas?  Share with us in the comments below.

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