Failure is a Beginning not an End

feather pic 2When we experience failure we may be devastated and quit.  Yet, failure means we tried something.  We have been in action.

To fail is to risk and learn.  We fear failure if we expect perfection.  With our curiosity and desire to explore there will be times when the outcome is not what we wanted or expected.  That in itself is a new discovery.

When we fail our perspective and attitude are key factors.  Many things come easy to us.  Learning to learn means we will struggle and require practice, persistence, and willingness to risk.  Just because we have found 100 ways not to do it, we have not failed.  We have learned and now can explore other ideas and possibilities.

Respect your abilities, your potential, and your creativity and explore.   Respect your emotions and know disappointment is okay, but not the end a new beginning.  Change the lens through which you are trying, exploring, discovering, or creating and get into action.  Fail or succeed it is an adventure and a joy.

What has been your experience with failing?  What do you do when you fail? What action do you take?  Share in the comment below.

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