The Value of Writing Things Out

feather pic 2Our minds are full of the thoughts.  We are full of emotions.  We have ideas galore.  We are doing fourteen things at once.  How can we keep track of everything?  How can we clear out mind of thoughts and emotions to reach greater clarity?

Writing three pages each morning with no purpose then to write whatever comes to mind is a technique recommended by Julia Cameron to begin the day with clarity and keep the creative juices flowing.

Early morning writing is great for clearing the mind and setting the time for the day.  We can write in a gratitude journal.  Writing 3-10 things we are thankful for – at the moment, from the previous day, in planning for the day to come.  Writing down the three most important things you want to accomplish that day – and you can do that for 2-4 areas of your life, such as, work, family, friends, or service.

To help keep us organized we can write To Do lists and check them off.  We can write outlines for projects or presentations.  We can do backwards flow charts for developing our goals.  We can write thing in a calendar or in a schedule to block out time for thing that need to be done and for ‘me’ time.

We can journal to document our days and our adventures.  We can write in journals to express our emotions to this trusted friend that listens quietly.  We can journal to discover ourselves or to have a conversation with our inner child.  We can journal to tell our story and to change our story.

We can write letters to communicate with others.  It is a way to stay in touch and say thank you.  We can write letters to those who have passed on to say the things we did not say or just to say ‘I love you”.  We can write letters to someone to express our anger, grief, or disappointment.  We do not need to send these letters.  And as part of letting go, we can burn the letters with the ashes flying free as we release the emotions.  We can write a letter to our younger self for guidance, support to reconnect or finish business.

Writing things out has great value.  Writing is a tool to use to clear our minds, set our attitude, be organized, tell our story, release our emotions, or know ourselves better.

What is your experience with writing?  How do use writing things out to help you out?

Let us know in the comments below.

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